[SALE] [Spring/Autumn/Winter] Women&
[SALE] [Spring/Autumn/Winter] Women&
[SALE] [Spring/Autumn/Winter] Women&
[SALE] [Spring/Autumn/Winter] Women&
[SALE] [Spring/Autumn/Winter] Women&
[SALE] [Spring/Autumn/Winter] Women&
[SALE] [Spring/Autumn/Winter] Women&
[SALE] [Spring/Autumn/Winter] Women&
[SALE] [Spring/Autumn/Winter] Women&

[SALE] [Spring/Autumn/Winter] Women's F BOMB HEAT SEEKER E7 3/2mm zip-free semi-dry wetsuit

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Rip Curl semi-dry top-of-the-line model, E7 Heat Seeker. One of the few semi-dry 3/2mm versions in the industry. This is the ultimate warmth that you can hear from surfers who use it to overcome winter in western Japan. (There are individual differences in how the temperature is felt)

This winter flagship model is packed with rip curl technology that takes into account the right material in the right place even in the fleece lining, rather than the same fleece all over the body.

FlexEnergy, which expands and generates heat on the back and shoulder panels, responds to the heat and moisture emitted by the body, making it even warmer and providing a smooth and gentle comfort on the skin.

3mm of E6 brushed lining is used from the body to the lower body, which is exposed to seawater, and 2mm of Flex Energy is used for the shoulders and back, which are often used when paddling, to provide the highest level of elasticity. Even in semi-dry conditions, the jersey is used for increased durability.

Mesh skin is used on the chest panel to reduce the cooling effect caused by water adhesion.

Bonding and blind stitching are applied to the seams where the panels fit together, and on top of that, we add a full-body brushed E6 stretch tape that is comparable to the stretch of the E6 brushed lining material, which not only further prevents water from seeping in, but also provides the ultimate stretch. Achieves warmth, warmth, and comfort.

Silicone seal cuffs are used on the outside of the wrists and ankles to improve fit and durability over the long term.

There is no doubt that those who wear the Heat Seeker will be able to tell that they are particular about Rip Curl.

*If you would like to discuss wetsuit size, thickness, model, etc., please contact us from the contact page and we will propose a wetsuit that suits you.

Product number WST5ZW

[Size reference value! ]

*There are large individual differences in the way wetsuits are worn and how they feel. Rip Curl wetsuits have the highest stretch in the industry, hugging your body even when you're a little out of line. Please use this value as a reference only.

6 6T 8
Height (cm) 155-160 160-165 160-165
Weight (kg) 45-55 50-60 55-65
Neck circumference (cm) 30 31 32
Chest measurement (cm) 82 82 86
Waist circumference (cm) 62 64 66
Sleeve length (cm) 49.5 51 51
Inseam (cm) 68.5 71 71