[SALE] [Winter] Men&
[SALE] [Winter] Men&
[SALE] [Winter] Men&
[SALE] [Winter] Men&

[SALE] [Winter] Men's F BOMB E6 5/3mm Zip Free Full Suit Wetsuit

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A rip curl wetsuit with an emphasis on surf performance that is loved not only by top professionals such as Gabriel Medina, Mick Fanning, Tsuki Amuro, and Anon Matsuoka, but also by those searching for it.

This special model from F Bomb is packed with evidence of the exploration that attracts its top performers. It is useful for performances during competitions in cold water temperatures in winter, and for estuary surfing from midwinter to early spring. For surfers who are always on the go, this brushed and jersey option is a match.

5mm E6 brushed lining is used from the body that will be immersed in seawater to the lower body, and 3mm E6 jersey is used for the upper body, which provides the highest level of stretch, minimizing the impact on the shoulders when paddling and making it suitable for cold weather. .

E6 internal jersey has high stretch for ultimate warmth and comfort. The seams are made with E6 stretch tape and a brushed lining to enhance stretch, heat retention, and comfort. Silicone seal cuffs are used on the outside of the wrists and ankles to provide the best fit.

Bonding and blind stitching are applied to the panel joints. The brushed lining of the lower body uses taping that is comparable to the stretch of the E6 brushed lining material.

We will directly support your quest for surfing.

E6 internal jersey has 20% more stretch than E5 flash lining. It has the same stretch as the ultimate stretch neoprene E6, but also has the ultimate warmth and comfort.

Adopts premium rubber with excellent elasticity and lightness. It has 20% more elasticity than E4 and is also 20% lighter.

The seams are made with the ultimate E6 stretch tape and a brushed lining for ultimate stretch, warmth and comfort.

Ultra-high stretch lining that exceeds industry standards. 20% more stretch than E5 flash lining and 10% more warmth than E4.

*If you would like to discuss wetsuit size, thickness, model, etc., please contact us from the contact page and we will propose a wetsuit that suits you .

Product number WSMYUF
Product name M FBOMB 53GB ZF STM Full Suit
collection Flash Bome

[Size reference value! ]

*There are large individual differences in the way wetsuits are worn and how they feel. The Rip Curl wetsuit boasts the highest level of elasticity in the industry, and will still hug your body even if it protrudes from the frame to some extent. Please use it.

S M.S. M MT L.S. L L.T. XL
Height (cm) 160-165 165-170 170-175 175-180 170-175 175-180 180-185 180-185
Weight (kg) 55-65 60-70 65-75 65-75 70-80 70-80 75-85 80-90
Neck circumference (cm) 35 36 36 36 37 37 37 38
Later (cm) 90 93 95 95 99 101 101 106
Waist circumference (cm) 73 73 78 78 83 83 83 88
Sleeve length (cm) 52.5 52.5 54 55.5 54 55.5 57 57
Inseam (cm) 68 68 71 74 71 74 77 77