[SALE] [Spring/Autumn] Women&
[SALE] [Spring/Autumn] Women&
[SALE] [Spring/Autumn] Women&
[SALE] [Spring/Autumn] Women&
[SALE] [Spring/Autumn] Women&
[SALE] [Spring/Autumn] Women&
[SALE] [Spring/Autumn] Women&
[SALE] [Spring/Autumn] Women&

[SALE] [Spring/Autumn] Women's E BOMB 3/2mm Zip Free Full Suit Wetsuit

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A wetsuit made entirely of E Bomb E6 fabric, which is the world's best and allows you to fully enjoy the stretch of Rip Curl. A must-see for surfers who want to enjoy the highest level of growth.

This is Rip Curl's flagship model, and you can see pride in the details such as the fabric, the cutting of the body, the neck area, the key pocket, and the panel alignment that takes into account the direction of stretch.

The E6 fabric has maximum stretch in all directions, and the front side uses E6 jersey that can withstand stretch, while the back side, which is bonded to the skin, uses a comfortable pile fabric.

One panel cut with no seams in the shoulder area. The neck entry pattern was created in order not to restrict even the slight stretch of the jersey caused by threads and bonding, and although it has been updated with minor changes over the past 10 years, the main theme remains the same, making it a highly complete product.

3mm thickness is used for the body and 2mm thickness is used for the shoulder part. Bonding and blind stitching are used to prevent water from entering through the panel joints. E6 taping, which stretches without restricting the jersey from stretching, is used in stressed areas.

It is used in spring and autumn, and can be said to be the most frequently used wetsuit of the year. It's a full body jersey, so you can easily put it on and take it off without worrying about your nails.

It feels like you're not wearing a wetsuit, and it's a dream come true for surfers because it's highly mobile and allows you to catch waves with just one paddle after a tournament, and it reduces the burden on your shoulders even when surfing for long periods of time. Like a wet suit.

*If you would like to discuss wetsuit size, thickness, model, etc., please contact us from the contact page and we will propose a wetsuit that suits you.

Product number WSMYKG
Product name EBOMB 3/2 ZIPFREE
collection E-BOME

[Size reference value! ]

*There are large individual differences in the way wetsuits are worn and how they feel. Rip Curl wetsuits have the highest stretch in the industry and will hug you even when you're a little out of line. Please use this value as a reference only.

6 6T 8
Height (cm) 155-160 160-165 160-165
Weight (kg) 45-55 50-60 55-65
Neck circumference (cm) 30 31 32
Chest measurement (cm) 82 82 86
Waist circumference (cm) 62 64 66
Sleeve length (cm) 49.5 51 51
Inseam (cm) 68.5 71 71