[Winter] HEATSEEKER HOOD 3mm head cap

[Winter] HEATSEEKER HOOD 3mm head cap

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<Product overview>

HeatSeeker is RIPCURL's warmest range. The lining is E6 brushed and uses HeatSeeker, which generates heat in response to the moisture emitted from the body. It is not only warm, but also soft, making it easy to enjoy winter surfing comfortably. Since it covers the area below the chin, it prevents water from seeping in from the neck when dolphining, and provides a fit that will not come off even when you are caught in a wave.

<Product specifications>

・Type: Head cap
・Fabric thickness...3mm
・With the HeatSeeker function, there is an effect of +3 degrees up.

<Suitable seasons>


Item Number WHO8AF
Product name HEATSEEKER 3MM GB HOOD head cap

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