Men's CORP CREW SOCK 5-PK socks

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Rip Curl's flip flops have the high quality and design unique to a surf brand.
Flip-flops are perfect for use near water, such as the beach or pool.
It is lightweight, durable, resistant to environments such as seawater and sand, and easy to clean.
Rip Curl's flip-flops have a simple design, but the brand logo and coloring are added as accents, making them recommended as surf-style items.
Flip flops are perfect for a relaxed beach look when paired with summer items like swimsuits and T-shirts.
It is also a convenient item to carry when traveling.
Enjoy a comfortable beach life with Rip Curl flip flops!

■Size image

・Size 5  Approximately 23.5cm
・Size 6 ⇒ Approximately 24.5cm
・Size 7 ⇒ Approx. 25.5cm
・Size 8 ⇒ Approx. 26.5cm
・Size 9 ⇒ Approx. 27.5cm
・Size 10 ⇒ Approx. 28.5cm

Product number: CSOAS9
Product name: MC OPEN TOE sandals

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