[SALE] [Summer] Women&
[SALE] [Summer] Women&
[SALE] [Summer] Women&
[SALE] [Summer] Women&
[SALE] [Summer] Women&

[SALE] [Summer] Women's DOWNPATROL 1.5mm Tupper Jacket

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・Front zip system ・E5 neoprene ・E stitch (When pasting fabrics together, they are sewn in a coil shape to resist vertical stretching)


This 1.5mm Tapper features a front zip system, E5 neoprene, and E-stitching.

The front zip system has a zipper on the front, making it easy to put on and take off, and a simple design on the back for easy movement.
Front zip systems are used in a variety of swimsuits, including wetsuits and skinsuits.

E5 neoprene is an advanced elastomeric material and is the ideal material for wetsuits.
This material has excellent heat retention, flexibility, and durability, allowing you to use it for long periods of time.

E-stitch stitches fabrics together in a coiled manner, making them easier to stretch vertically and becoming more flexible.
This sewing method also has the effect of suppressing water ingress and increases heat retention.

Item Number 114WWJ
Product name WMS D/Patrol L/SL Jkt 1.5mm L Tapper

[Size reference value! ]

*There are large individual differences in the way wetsuits are worn and how they feel. Rip Curl wetsuits have the highest stretch in the industry, hugging your body even when you're a little out of line. Please use this value as a reference only.

6 6T 8
Height (cm) 155-160 160-165 160-165
Weight (kg) 45-55 50-60 55-65
Neck circumference (cm) 30 31 32
Chest measurement (cm) 82 82 86
Waist circumference (cm) 62 64 66
Sleeve length (cm) 49.5 51 51

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