2022 Parasurfing World Championship Japan Representative Chikako Takao’s December is hot!

What do you feel through surfing? And what does surfing give you?

We often see the WSL competition to determine the best surfing in the world. Athletes chasing their dreams work hard to compete, first enter the world's top tour, and from there they travel around the world to become the best in the world. The brilliant physical abilities, imagination, and mental strength of these top performers reach surfers all over the world through videos and fascinate us.

Meanwhile, similarly heated competitions are taking place at the parasurfing competition, an event that we are not very familiar with, and here we especially gain gratitude and courage for our daily lives.

Parasurfing, to use the same term used in the Olympics, is surfing aimed at people with disabilities, and parasurfers face nature with effort and courage from a different angle that would be unimaginable from an able-bodied person.

Can a healthy person imagine this? Pushing the board down with one arm and continuing to dolphin, he finally not only reaches the peak, but paddles and rides the wave, then stands up on the board. What's more, he will be able to show off his performance on the waves, which will stand up to other competitors.

Rider Chikako Takao, also known as Chika-chan, was born without her left arm below the elbow. I discovered surfing 11 years ago and was drawn into the world of The Search. Although he now works at a company in Tokyo, he takes advantage of the remote work system and moved to Ichinomiya in search of a more conducive environment for surfing. She has been selected to represent Japan in ISA Para Sports in 2022 as well as in 2021.

In order to get there, it takes a lot of effort from her and the support of those around her.

She goes to a sequence surf shop on the Tonami Coast in Chiba Prefecture, where she is supported by the staff and professional coach Yuki Tako who is in charge of her coaching. We also have Wetsuits Repair Factory, which devises and processes products to prevent water from entering the lower elbows of wetsuits.

Lastly, all of us at Rip Curl feel warm and energized by Chika-chan's efforts and courage, and we continue to be happy to be able to continue working closely with her.

Congratulations Chika-chan! And please show off to your fullest from December 4th!

The Search!

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Of course, there are the actual expenses such as the tournament venue and the trip to the United States. If you would like to support her Search, please contact info@ripcurl.jp!

Chikako Takao

 Tournament name: 2022 Pismo Beach ISA World Para-Surfing Championships Hosted by AmpSurf

Date: December 4th ( Sunday ) - December 11th ( Sunday ) , 2022
Venue: Pismo Beach, California, USA
Sponsor: International Surfing Association

 Tournament official website