Yumeji Tsuzuki wins his first victory at the Japan Open of Surfing! Selected to represent Japan at the ISA World Championship.

Japan Open

Yumeji Tsuzuki wins his first victory at the 3rd Japan Open of Surfing!

This tournament was held by NSA (Japan Surfing Association) and JPSA (Japan Professional Surfing Association) to determine the best surfer in Japan, and was held at Shizunami Surf Stadium PerfectSwell® on March 31st.

Yumeji Tsuzuki, who won his first championship, has earned the right to participate in the 2022 ISA World Surfing Games!

In addition, in order to obtain a wild card for the 4th round of the WSL (World Surf League) CT (Championship Tour) “Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach” to be held in April, we will be holding a tournament on April 7th ( I have decided to participate in the trial to be held at Bells Beach, Australia on Thursday)!

The momentum of Yumeji Tsuzuki, who has been confirmed to play in the CS at the Asian Open, is unstoppable!
I look forward to your future endeavors! !