Erin Brooks | 14-year-old Erin Brooks' exploration of Indonesia: "No Hesitation"

Erin Brooks takes on the Indonesian islands with “No Hesitation”

Exploring the Indonesian archipelago is something of a rite of passage for most aspiring professional surfers. With multiple locations, a diverse lineup, and an empty blue canvas, it's the perfect place to hone any skill. Big barrels, long lefts, airwaves...India has it all.

But most waves, while seemingly dreamy and appealing, end in disaster. Shallow reefs, unstable paddle outs, dry end sections, the list goes on and on. Any surfer who's ever paddled pumping through these lineups may recall some hesitation. Easier said than done. There is no room for lack of determination here.

When Erin Brooks decided to travel to India last season, she had no idea what lay ahead.

Erin has surfed heavy waves all over the world, including in her native Hawaii, but nothing prepared her for Indonesia. I just have to go. And so Erin went.

Tap the play button to check out the full version of “No Hesitation”! I can't help but feel like my jaw is going to fall off.

Filmers: @def_mentawai, @kanduivillas & @kanduiresort