Anon Matsuoka player interview

Aon Matsuoka won the JPSA tournament soon after becoming a JPSA certified professional in September 2021.
We interviewed 15-year-old Anon, who started surfing at the age of 4, went to California alone for training at the age of 10, and has achieved great results in numerous competitions.

-Congratulations to the JPSA certified pro and the winner of the “JPSA 2021 Pro Surfing Tour “Sawakami Challenge Series 25th Ibaraki Surfing Classic Sawakami Cup”! First of all, please tell us how you felt when you won the tournament and how you feel now.

The moment I won, I was so happy because I was able to achieve my goal of ``having fun while surfing to the best of my ability!'' !
I am now very confident with this result, and my desire to aim even higher and do my best has become even stronger!

-Have there been any changes in your feelings or environment since becoming a JPSA certified professional?

My feelings and environment haven't changed much!
I think what I've been doing since I was little has led me to where I am today, so of course there will be some changes from now on, but I want to continue doing what I do at the core.

First match after turning pro, JPSA Murasaki Kamogawa Open, 3rd place

-I understand that you have a home (surf shop) right in front of the sea in Minamiboso Chikura. Could you tell me what your typical day is like?

When I wake up in the morning, I look at the ocean from my room window, and if there are waves, I go surfing at Chikura, and when I need to move, I go surfing somewhere with waves.
Also, since I am attending a correspondence high school, I spend my days studying at home in between surfing.

-Please tell us what you keep in mind during your daily surfing practice and when participating in surfing competitions.

During practice, I create a challenge and try it over and over again, and when I get good at it, I go back to surfing with the next challenge and what to be careful about.
Whenever I participate in a tournament, I aim to ``enjoy trying,'' and I always try to play a game that makes me smile whether I win or lose!


-You started surfing at the age of 4. Was there any reason you wanted to become a professional surfer? What does that mean?

Ever since I was little, I had a dream of becoming a professional surfer who is active all over the world.
I entered a contest for the first time when I was 5 years old and won my first championship at 6 years old, and when I realized how much fun competition was, I knew I wanted to become a professional! !

-What is your favorite memory of your solo training in California at the age of 10?

My favorite memory was surfing at Trussells Roar, my first time there.
I was shocked that there were such good waves in the world.


-Have you gained or felt anything by surfing or spending your daily life with people from other countries?

When I went to California for the first time, there were a lot of girls around my age, and seeing them all working hard on their surfing inspired me to try harder.

-If there are any players (overseas or otherwise) you are currently paying attention to, please let us know. What do you pay attention to in that player?

My favorite surfers are American Griffin Colapinto and Brazil's Yagodora.
Both of them are on the same LOSTSURFBOARD as me, and I like the fact that Griffin Colapinto's every turn is as smooth as a single stroke, and he surfs very comfortably. What I like about Yagodora is that he is very stylish and keeps performing amazing techniques.


-If you have any good or difficult experiences as a female surfer, please tell us about them.

The good thing is that I have gained a lot of friends with whom I can work hard through surfing.
I think there were times when it was tough, but I don't remember much because I usually get over it the same day! lol

-Surfing is a sport in which you face the natural ocean, but do you ever think about nature or the ocean through surfing?

Surfing is a sport that involves the natural environment of the ocean, so it is very difficult to ride the waves, but the scenery when you can ride on the waves is truly amazing and something you cannot experience in everyday life!
Surfing has now become a part of me and an integral part of my life.
Just as no two people are the same, no two waves are the same. I think the appeal of surfing is how you create your own riding style with each wave that comes your way.

-Please tell us about the upcoming tournaments you plan to participate in and your schedule.

・October 30th NSA 29th Junior Open Surfing Championship (Ibaraki Prefecture/Kawabata Kitahama Beach)
・Scheduled to participate in the JPSA Sawakami Challenge Series All Japan Tahara Pro from November 15th to November 17th.

-Finally, please tell us your future goals.
My goals are to enter CT and win, and to participate in the Olympics.