Brissa Hennessy wins Roxy Pro France and qualifies for the 2022 WSL Championship Tour

Brissa finished first in the Challenger Series rankings and re-registered for the 2022 CT.

In clean, head-high conditions at Hosegaard, Brissa Hennessy held off her competitors to win the Roxy Pro France , taking first place in the Challenger Series and qualifying for the 2022 Championship Tour. did.

Brissa, who beat India Robinson to win the final, said:

“India is a great player and I’m very proud of her and I believe she deserves to be at the top, although it’s certainly been back to back and the waves have changed completely. , I'm grateful to have finally been able to ride that wave."

Brisa 's path to victory was very smooth, defeating many in-form surfers to earn her first Challenger Series victory. Brissa took first place in the Challenger Series, overtaking Hawaii's Gabriella Bryan.

In the final, Brissa secured a solid score in the early stages, followed by Robinson's score of 7.83, and secured an excellent range of 8.40, taking her first victory at the Roxy Pro France.

The next and final round of the 2021 Challenger Series will be held in Haleiwa, Hawaii from November 26 to December 7, 2021, and will feature the world's best surfers.

To see more of Brissa conquering her fears and taking on the big cloud break, check out her film Fiji Perspective.