Citroen releases a special edition car in collaboration with Rip Curl!


CITROEN, a major French automobile manufacturer, releases the C3 AIRCROSS SUV SURF EDITION by RIP CURL, a special edition “Stylish Adventurer” created in collaboration with Rip Curl.

Collaboration model with Citroen for 5 years arrives in Japan for the first time

The C3 AIRCROSS SUV, which debuted in Japan in July 2019, has become a huge hit as a compact SUV with approximately 290,000 units sold worldwide, and is also popular in Japan.

The "C3 AIRCROSS SUV SURF EDITION by RIP CURL" that will be introduced to the Japanese market this time is a global special edition model following the "C3 AIRCROSS SUV Origins" and "C3 AIRCROSS SUV C-Ceries Chic Edition". It is also the first collaboration model between Wataru Rip Curl and Citroën to be launched in the Japanese market.


Citroën and Rip Curl are two brands that share the same elements of well-being, leisure and escape, which transports people to a place other than here, so the partnership was a natural one. The synergistic appeal of two brands with shared values ​​of creation, innovation, and a passion for adventure and a spirit of exploration has come to fruition today with the C3 AIRCROSS SUV, a compact SUV.


The body color is Gri Altens, the roof and roof rails are Noir Perlanera, and the accent color is Lip Curl Anodized Ocher color (matte yellow), which is reminiscent of gold. This intense, energetic matte yellow is inspired by the dunes and rays of the sun seen in the world of surfing, and is featured on the headlight bezel, door mirrors and center caps of the black 16-inch wheels. Furthermore, the Rip Curl brand logo is boldly displayed on the side of the body, which has an energetic contrast of metallic gray and black with matte yellow, and the front door is decorated with a deliberately muted contrast. Additionally, the Venetian stripe on the rear quarter, which was one of the characteristics of the C3 AIRCROSS SUV, has been replaced with the Rip Curl logo.


Similarly, the interior features exclusive dark gray fabric with black tep leather and matte yellow accents, creating a graphic finish that seems to echo the exterior. Furthermore, the dashboard, which is upholstered in fabric in the regular model, is upholstered in dark gray tep leather, emphasizing its tough image.

In addition, the engine has been powered up to 130ps/230Nm, and is equipped with Advanced Grip Control (with Hill Descent Control), which is only available on the SHINE grade as a package option. By selecting the Sand mode of the Advanced Grip Control*, which provides full-fledged running performance as an SUV by highly integrated control of traction control and brake LSD even though it is a front-wheel drive vehicle, you can make your journey to the surf spot even more reliable. can make it, right.