First Japanese! Amuro Tsuzuki becomes the new WSL World Junior Champion!

First Japanese! Yumeji Tsuzuki becomes the new WSL World Junior Champion!

2019 World Surf League Junior Championship hosted by WSL in Taiwan. Amuro Tsuzuki won the Taiwan Open of Surfing and became the new world junior champion.

On the day of the final, the waves at Zunjin Harbor in Taiwan, where the competition was held, were 6 to 8 feet, powerful and unpredictable. It was as if they were testing the players seeking the title of world junior champion. Even in such tough conditions, Tsuzuki defeated her opponent Alysa Spencer (USA) and won. Tsuzuki's victory was the first Japanese to achieve this feat at the Amateur World Championship sponsored by the WSL. Moreover, she had defeated the world's strongest teams with great results all the way to the finals. And in the final battle, Tsuzuki showed the same ability as before. I found two well-shaped lights early on and earned a total of 13.00 points. That score will lead her to the world title trophy.

"I'm super happy now" Arimuji Tsuzuki

“It was tough because the conditions changed so much, but I had fun surfing these waves in Taiwan.Today was a big wave and the current was strong, but I just focused and took on the challenge with the mindset that I would definitely win. .I’m happy to win.”

Yumeji Tsuzuki's great performance (8th place overall in QS) also includes the possibility of him participating in next year's CT Tour. That will depend on the results of the Maui Pro, which is currently being held in Maui, but the surfing she showed at this final showed that she has enough ability to compete on the world's top tours.

It was in the semi-finals that he proved his ability. She paddled for about 15 minutes, being blocked by the wave set, but when she found a wave, she returned the board without pausing, caught the wave, hit the lip of the huge closewater, rolled it in, and landed beautifully. He succeeded and achieved a high score of 9.27, making a huge comeback and advancing to the finals.

``I bet everything on that turn, and I was really excited when I made it,'' said Tsuzuki. ``I did what I had to do, so all I have to do next year is wait for the result in Maui.I don't care what the result is.'' I won't. I'm very happy with what I was able to accomplish this year."

Her opponent in the final, California's Alyssa Spencer, also rode the waves of Jin Zun Harbor well and entered the match with a calm expression. In the final

He caught a long left early on and got some good points, but was unable to paddle back into the lineup. I had no choice but to run back along the beach. After that, he had another chance to catch a good wave, but failed to land on the last one and was unable to take advantage of his chance to get a high score.

``I'm disappointed that we couldn't win by a small point difference.However, I would like to congratulate Amuro from the bottom of my heart for his victory.''Spencer

"She's a friend and she's a great surfer, so I'm happy for her win. I have two more years left to compete as a junior, so I want to try again next year and aim for the title. I really enjoyed Taiwan. It's my second time going there, but the waves are always good. I'm looking forward to next year."

This article was created based on material from WSL.

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