Eco-wax that takes the environment into consideration! RIPCURL x POLYGON WAX mint flavor now available


mint flavor

Did you know? Compound wax derived from petroleum is bad for the environment!

Many surf waxes still contain a petroleum-derived ingredient called paraffin. Wax made from petroleum has high viscosity, solidification, and persistent floating substances that have been reported to contaminate beaches and kill marine organisms due to inoculation. Paraffin wax that washes up on beaches not only spoils the beauty of beaches, but also If mixed with sand, it will be difficult to dispose of and may lead to incorrect vaccination of birds.
Furthermore, when recovered paraffin wax is incinerated, carcinogenic organic compounds are released, causing secondary environmental pollution and health hazards.

As surfers, we are able to continue searching for an exciting life because of the power and energy we receive from nature. As long as humans are alive, they inevitably have an impact on the environment. However, I believe that thinking and acting on how much we can reduce the impact, how much we can improve it, let alone restore it, is a natural way for us to respect back.

The encounter between polygon wax and lip curl

At Rip Curl, respecting local communities and the environment is one of our core values. Meanwhile, I started developing eco-wax with the environment in mind, and I met Polygon Wax, which distributed samples free of charge to professional surfers and general surfers and collected feedback on the adhesion, usability, durability, etc. I was left alone.

Three concepts for making polygon surf wax

1-Be eco-friendly
Do not use petroleum-derived materials
2-Food loss measures
Prevent food loss by using expired ingredients as part of the wax
3-Be functional
Pursuing grip and adhesion that other eco-waxes do not have.

Made from 100% natural materials

This is an eco-friendly eco-surf wax that does not use any petroleum-derived ingredients and uses beeswax, pine resin, and expired materials to prevent food loss.

The packaging is also eco-friendly

Lip Curl x Polygon Wax does not contain petroleum ingredients. The packaging is also environmentally friendly, with a wax type printed in one color on a paper package that does not use plastic. The barcode is also printed directly on the package, eliminating unnecessary barcode stickers.

Surf Eco Wax with the Rip Curl logo and a mint scent, created by combining polygon wax and Rip Curl's environmental concerns.

Before Polygon Wax was commercialized, we created thousands of waxes and tested them with a wide range of people from beginners to professional surfers. Using the unbiased feedback to improve our products, we finally found the optimal formulation and developed an eco-friendly, high-grip, and highly adhesive wax. This collaboration wax has been created by meeting Lip Curl's standards, which place emphasis on the environment and performance.

We hope you enjoy surfing by using this special wax and respecting the environment.

Product number type temperature range
PWWA-RM WARM 20℃~24℃
PWCL-RM COOL 15℃~19℃
PWCD-RM COLD 10℃~14℃
PWBE-RM BASE For all temperatures