[SALE] [Spring/Autumn] Men&
[SALE] [Spring/Autumn] Men&
[SALE] [Spring/Autumn] Men&
[SALE] [Spring/Autumn] Men&

[SALE] [Spring/Autumn] Men's F BOMB E6 3/2mm Zip Free Full Suit Wetsuit

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<Product overview>

FBOMB is a brushed wetsuit that boasts high quality at a low price. Full body jersey material, full suit with zip-free system. Especially recommended for those who surf near the mouth of the river where the water is cold during the relatively warm seasons such as spring and autumn. The upper body is lined with E6 jersey material, and the lower body is lined with E6 brushed material to protect against the cold while providing ease of movement. A high performance model with an innovative design that has never been seen before in domestic wetsuits. Glued blind stitching is used to sew the fabric, and all panel stitching on the raised areas is reinforced with bonding and brushed taping to prevent water from seeping in and provide warmth.

<Product specifications>

・Type: Semi-dry
・Fabric thickness: 3×2mm (body 3mm/arm 2mm)
・Zip system...zip free
・Sewing: Glued blind stitch (clip stitch)
・The upper body is reinforced with reinforcement taping at various stress points, and all the seams of the lower body are reinforced with bonding and brushed taping.
・Silicone seal cuffs are used on the outside of the wrists and ankles to provide a good fit and prevent water from entering.
・Key pocket on the outside of the left leg

<Suitable seasons>

・Spring, autumn

*If you would like to discuss wetsuit size, thickness, model, etc., please contact us from the contact page and we will propose a wetsuit that suits you.

Product number WSMYRF
Product name FLASHBOMB 3/2 ZIPFREE
collection FLASH BOME

[Size reference value! ]

*There are large individual differences in the way wetsuits are worn and how they feel. Rip Curl wetsuits have the highest stretch in the industry, hugging your body even when you're a little out of line. Please use this value as a reference only.

S M.S. M MT L.S. L L.T. XL
Height (cm) 160-165 165-170 170-175 175-180 170-175 175-180 180-185 180-185
Weight (kg) 55-65 60-70 65-75 65-75 70-80 70-80 75-85 80-90
Neck circumference (cm) 35 36 36 36 37 37 37 38
Chest measurement (cm) 90 93 95 95 99 101 101 106
Waist circumference (cm) 73 73 78 78 83 83 83 88
Sleeve length (cm) 52.5 52.5 54 55.5 54 55.5 57 57
Inseam (cm) 68 68 71 74 71 74 77 77