Meet the Artist | Rip Curl WSL Final

Who is Jeff Lukasik , a local artist whose work ranges from Rip Curl WSL Finals artwork to murals in San Clemente and around the world?

Jeff Lukasik is a self-taught artist and surfer born and raised in San Clemente, California. His work ranges from oil paintings, vibrant murals, painted installations, and surfboard art.

Much of my work is inspired by my years of travel as a professional surfer, my hometown and local community, and my constant exploration and love of the ocean, wildlife, and the natural world.

Since childhood, Jeff has had a passion and curiosity for surfing as well as art, and became a professional surfer while attending San Clemente High School. While traveling abroad, I found myself drawing on my own surfboards, and eventually started drawing surfboards for many surfers around the world.

Jeff's work and murals are currently on display throughout his hometown of San Clemente. He used to have a studio in town, but in recent years he converted a 27-foot school bus into a tiny house and studio on wheels.

Jeff is currently traveling with his SO and their pup, creating art and documenting it on @studioroam .

Jeff's work can also be seen at the Rip Curl store in San Clemente.
Check out Jeff's other works here .